Pre-Treat Fabrics

Pre-Treat Fabric

You should pre-treat your fabrics before cutting. 

If you plan on dry cleaning, then you should dry clean your yardage first.  If you plan on washing your garment, you should pre-wash your yardage.  (I generally wash my fabric in cold or cool water.)


Use this tip if pre-washing your fabric. 

Cut the corners of your yardage about 1/4″ off at each of the 4 corners before putting it in the washing machine.  See example in the photo below. 


Wash your fabric. 

After you wash your fabric, put it in the dryer for about 5 – 10 minutes, take it out and give it a little shake (to help prevent lots of wrinkles).  Then hang it to dry.

If it needs to be ironed, iron it when it is a little damp, being careful not to stretch it.  If it has dried before you get a chance to iron the fabric, spritz it with a little water first.  That helps to get out the wrinkles.

This is so simple, yet so wonderful!!

No more stringy tangled mess!!

When your fabric is completely dry, go ahead and cut out your pattern.  (It is very helpful to do this on a different day than when you want to cut.  It can be to much pressure otherwise.)

After my piece of fabric has been fashioned into something other than yardage, I will wash the same as above.  But this time after taking it out of the dryer, you want to hold your garment by the shoulders or the waist to shake – hard a few times.  Then hang it on a hanger.  Iron the same as above.

I welcome your feedback!!



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