Something to Think About


Elizabeth-on-the-Porch   Elizabeth was standing on a porch where I asked her to stay one warm winter day.  She wasn’t allowed to come with me because the ground was just beginning to thaw and it was very muddy. 

While on the property of a farm that was for sale, I had just walked out of the house to go and look at one of the barns.  As I was walking away, I heard Elizabeth walk out of the house after me, so I turned and asked her to stay where she was.  As she stood there and sucked her thumb, I thought I would try and snap her picture, so I took out my camera as quick as I could.  I am not one to carry a camera with me, so I was very thankful to have captured the moment.  She stood there so patiently with her eyes fixed upon me so. 

She is wearing a dress that I made from a pattern that is no longer available.   Someday, I would like to create a pattern similiar to this precious little dress with pinafore.  The pattern I had used was sadly constructed – so many mistakes.  I think I now know why it was discontinued.

One thing that makes this dress very special and dear is what you don’t see.  And that is the muslin pantaloons and underdress that she is wearing.  When she runs, plays, and climbs, you can catch a glimps of her underclothes.  So precious in a day as we are in now.  Somethings, in my opinion, should never go away. 

Regardless of what others might think or say, I have the comfort of knowing that when our little girls plays, they are well covered, and I rest in that comfort!!


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