An Afternoon at the Beach

Wading in Lake Michigan

It was a beautiful day that we had playing on the beach.  I only wish that our camera was more cooperative for most of my photo’s turned out fuzzy.You can purchase the patterns through 

Here the girls are playing in their Regency Dresses.  The pattern is by Sense & Sensibility Patterns. 

Our daughter in the photo on the top left is wearing an 18th century shift under her bodice.  The shift pattern in Kannik’s Korner.  It is the Second Half of the 18th Century (1750-1800) English Style Shift (Chemise).  The bodice, pleated skirt, and the apron are patterns that I designed.

 You can purchase the patterns through the companies mentioned.  The fabric can be purchased hereLook on the side bar for more information.

Fabrics used were:

  Pleated Skirt:   Green Linen

   Apron: Green   Dupioni 

Shift: White Linen

Bodice: Champagne Dupioni



Regency:  Solid Green Cotton (above left), Brown Linen with Antiqued Cotton Underdress (top right), Snowy Wonderland (top center – picture on the right) 


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