Our Pewter is 100% lead free pewter and it is handcrafted by Tom and Pat Hooper of ASL Pewter of Louisiana, Mo.  Their pewter is the finest pewter on the market today.  ASL Pewter was selected as the pewteres for the miniseries “John Adams”.  The series is approximately 7 hours long and it is based on a book by David McCullough’s biography of the founding father. 

(How many pieces of pewter does it take to for a miniseries of this magnatude?  Only about 500.)

The project was co-produced by HBO, Tom Hanks’ production company Playtone, and Braintree Productions.  John Adams is played by Paul Giamatti and Abigail, his wife, is played by Laura Linney.

Disclaimer:  Parents please view the film first.  There is a scene in the movie that many might consider offensive.  The scene is very graphic and no doubt, very true to life, but never the less it will concern parents.   If you would like more information, send us an email and we will be happy to tell you more specifics.  But please, do not let this prevent you from seeing this work of art.  Paul Giamatti is simply amazing as John Adams.



Charger, Early American Dinner Plate, Colonial Bean Bowl, Small Colonial Candlesticks, 5"

Early American Charger – 14 3/4″ diameter


 Early American Dinner Plate – 10 1/2″ diameter


 Colonial Bean Bowl – 8″ diameter, 1″ deep


 Small Early American Candlestick – 5″ high


 Pewter Candlesticks

 Early American Candlesticks – 9 1/2″ tall


Small Early American Candlestick – 5″ tall


Small Chamberstick – 2 3/4″ tall


Finial D”outers (snuffers)


Wax Seal 




Flagon – 13″ tall  6 1/2″ bottom diameter


Cast Tankard Mug -4″ tall, 3″ diameter at the top




 Potbelly Mug 16 oz. – 5 3/8″ tall




Early American Butter Plate – 4 1/2″ diameter 


Rimmed Wine Coaster – 5 3/4″ diameter, 1″ deep


Soup Ladle (use with plate or coaster above for ladle rest)


Colonial Soup Spoon


17th Century Fork


Primitive Star with Candle



Please remember, all photo’s are copywrite of Emma’s Attic, Thank You. 



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