Just Running Around


It was a beautiful summer day, and as I was outside taking pictures for our website, the girls were out playing in the front yard.   As they were running away, I captured their picture. 

Esther (the one in red) was wearing a dress (Sense and Sensibiliy Girls Regency Pattern) that I had made for her older sister Emma a few years ago.  The dress was made out of some fabric that was meant for pillow coverings.  But I used the fabric for a dress instead.  There wasn’t enough fabric to make the dress long enough, so I used a coordinating fabric as an attached underdress to make the dress complete. 

If we look at things in a different way, we might come up with ideas that wouldn’t have happened if we just gave up.  When I decided to use this fabric for a dress, I realized that I wasn’t going to have enough.  (Sigh)  Now what do I do.  I had convinced myself that the dress would be beautiful –  I wasn’t happy.  “I know”, I thought, “I will just run to the store and pick up the extra fabric that I needed”.   When I arrived at the store that I purchased my fabric, it was gone.  

Now what do I do?  I had my heart set on this fabric.   As I look around…………..well…………….I came up with the idea of adding a coordinating fabric, and I think it turned out to be very pretty.  Almost like I had planned it this way. 

So when you think you don’t have any options, try and think outside of the box.  You might be surprised!!

Happy Sewing!!!


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~ by sandypeterson on June 2, 2009.

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